Your lazy Monday will be no different then your Friday night out. Sasha Sailor is a derailed bedroom pop band that challenges the borders of post-punk and indie rock. The casual and relatable lyrics are easy to sing along to and give the band a careless and exciting attitude. You might also recognize some influences from Personal Trainer, Deep Sea Diver and Wet Leg.

Bassen voor sy-ki

Lavita already experienced the life of an artist when she sang and danced with the Dutch choir Kinderen Voor Kinderen and played the role of Debbie Wilkinson in the musical Billy Elliot. A few years later, she played the lead role in the short film 'Als...'. After she discovered the bass guitar in high school, her career as a bassist and vocalist began. Now she is seen more and more as bassist and backing vocalist in bands with genres ranging from sweet music (Elaine Dorlen) to progressive metal.

Nathan was raised in Marken, a picturesque little town in the middle of nowhere. After his failed soccer career, his only option was to stay inside, playing the drums, reading comics and building imaginary lands with Lego bricks. As the drummer of Max Hell, he gains a lot of experience performing at various venues.


The upbringing of these two young artists is the essence of Sasha Sailor. Lavita's humor and Nathan's cynicism make the perfect combination for music to dance to while the world is on fire or to enjoy with a cold glass of apple juice. With their songs, they want to show people that life can be more beautiful if we pour a bit of humor into difficult situations.